Google Can Work Better for You

Is your service or product easily found on the web?

Have you ever tried to set up an advertising campaign with Google’s AdWords? AdWords is the most popular platform for advertising on the web, and it looks easy to use at first. However, it offers an unlimited array of opportunities which would help you fly instead of walking. If you want to take advantage of these most advanced features, you will need the help of an expert.

By default, you could end up paying every time anyone clicks on your ad on Google, even if these visitors never shop from your website. Did you know that, instead of paying for every click, you can opt to pay only for the visits that end in a sale? You may also bid based on a target return on your ad spend. There are more ways of bidding, as well.

Optimization for Display and for Search

Is your web presence designed to optimize the ROI on your marketing budget? Your web presence is an umbrella term for all of the websites, apps, official social media pages, and other web destinations where you have control over the content. We also call these your “owned channels”.

Google reports that more than half of the searches are done on mobile devices. Are your owned channels designed to be mobile-friendly? Better yet, are they designed to be mobile-first?

Even being mobile-focused isn’t enough. More and more users are searching by voice. Is not it time to explore your opportunities with voice-based searches?

These are only some of the many ways that we can improve the return on your investment.

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